How Good Business Communication Will Help Grow Your Business

How Good Business Communication Will Help Grow Your Business
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When we talk about business communication and how it will help drive sales in your organisation or institutions, we are actually talking about those things people neglect while running their businesses.

Good business Communication is very vital for the success of any business and how one goes about it determines how far he or she will go in achieving success.

Good business communication means how employee relates information to his or her employer or a staff relates information to his or her boss, or how a company relates to it’s customers or the public about their goods and services and the information been shared how far does it go in bringing in sales.

This business communication can be in two ways, namely:

  • Internal communication
  • External communication

When we talk about internal communication, we are actually talking about those communications that takes place in an organizations between staffs or employees and employer and doesn’t involve outsider.

While external communication is those communication that takes within and outside the organization and this type of communication is usually between a particular company and their customers, or a company and the public depending on the nature of information to be communicated.

4 Major Modes Of Business Communication

There are other modes of communications but here I will be listing 4 major modes of communication which 100% of business owners use in transacting their daily businesses with their employees, customers and the public at large.

  • Physical communication
  • Media communication
  • Telephonic communication
  • Written communication

The above modes of communication is very simple , straight and understandable when looked at.

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When communicating with anybody in business, the environments is very important and body language is also very important. How you carry yourself and how you tell people about your products can go a long way to sell your business and that can only be possible if you transmit a good body language and if you respond to every questions that comes to you in a bold way.

So many a times I go out to market my goods to the end users, one thing I keep in mind is been able to communicate what I can defend and in so doing, it has really helped me become a better person in business.

let’s discuss these 4 major modes of business communication which help us to understand How Good Business Communication Will Help Grow Your Business below:

  • Physical Communication

When we talk about physical communication, we are actually talking about body language which is the most important language in business before the actual mouth or words communication. The body language talks about your confidence, your fears and your boldness as a person.

when you stand before somebody, you should be upright and free, should be bold and have good confidence in whatever you’re saying.

When you’re bold and talk confidently , it sends a positive message to your potential customer and makes him/her to believe in whatever you’re telling them. And that only helps your business to grow.


  • Media communication

The media is also another means of communication.  The media communicate to potential customers through advertisement,  etc.

The message been sent matters a lot to how people will see your products and that is why it is very important to be very careful how you use pictures to send information.

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  • Telephonic communication

This form of communication is when you use your mobile phone to speak to a customer.  Always have this in mind that every customer is right whether they are making sense or they are not making sense.  All that is important is what you tell them and how you tell it to them.

Your business is important and your customers are the gods who make your business to shine.  so in other to be successful,  always learn how to send the right message within the shortest minutes possible.


  • Written communication

When I say written communication,  it can be in two ways.  It is either a mail or letter and or it is either a poster talking about your business.

If it is a mail,  the person who you’re sending it to matters a lot.  You have to know the person and what you stand to gain or loose if the message didn’t go well and that is why it is very important to think and write a well communicated email.

When it is a letter, such as cover letter,  it is also very important to market yourself very well if not,  you may never get an invitation not to talk of getting the job.

But if it is a poster,  your message must be simple and direct. So that whoever is reading it will understand your message and know if he or she can transact business with you.

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