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How To Start Keke or Tricycle Transportation Business In Nigeria

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Tricycle which is popularly known as Keke Napep or Maruwa is one of the fastest growing transportation business in Nigeria which is fetching a lot of people good income. 

From the Keke business,  so many people have become multimillionaires and some have also become poor.  Some people have bought land built their houses, and are doing well through this business.

Keke transportation business is one business that is growing everyday unlike the bike or the motorcycle or popularly called Okada business which is facing so much challenges of Government facing them out of the system.

Today we will be sharing with you How To Start Keke or Tricycle Transportation Business In Nigeria.


How To Start Keke or Tricycle Transportation Business In Nigeria

Starting a Keke or tricycle transportation business in Nigeria is very easy but sometimes it may not be possible due to financial challenges. How to overcome it and how to get through are what you will be learning in the next paragraph.

The Keke or tricycle transportation business comes in 4 angles and these four (4) areas includes

  • Spareparts Dealership
  • Sales Dealership
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Transporter

Today and in this topic,  we are not looking at all of them but will focus on the last which talks about the transportation business.

But before we proceed,  let me throw more lights on the other three mention above.

Spareparts dealership is a part of this business which deals majorly in the sales of the spareparts that the riders will use to maintain their vehicles and change the faulty parts.  This part of the business is also lucrative because it has so much to offer and the return in investments is huge.

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The sales dealership deals with mainly the sales of the Keke itself and the gain in the business depends mainly on how the volume of Keke sold.

Service and maintenance section talks mainly about the mechanics,  this set of people make their money from  riders who comes for repairs, services and coupling purposes.

The transporter or the rider been the last set of people,  makes their money by carrying people from one place to another and in return the passengers  pay him for the services rendered.

To Start Keke or Tricycle Transportation Business In Nigeria, you need to have money to invest and in a situation whereby you don’t have money,  you will need to get loans from either cooperatives, microfinance banks or from relatives to invest.

But for a rider or transporter who doesn’t have the money to buy a new Keke or tricycle,  he or she will have to either get a loan from microfinance bank cooperatives etc or he looks for a sponsor who can help him.  Most times these sponsors buy this Keke and give it to them on hire purchases purposes.

The Cost price of Starting a Keke or tricycle transportation business :

  • The cost of becoming a Spareparts dealer ranges from N500k to N1Million Naira.
  • The cost of starting the sales of Keke dealership ranges from 1/2 to 1 full container of Keke and a full container of Keke is about 22 pieces of Keke while half is around 10keke.
  • The cost of buying a new Keke is about N660,000 and the if it is a hire purchase, it is been given at the rate of 1Million Naira for a period of 10 to 12 months. And it is expected that you make a weekly Return Of between N15,000 to N25,000

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