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When you go to the streets and ask any young man or lady, what are your dreams when you grow up and you will get very beautiful answers such as “I want to be the richest man, I want to be great like Bill Gate, I want to be Aliko Dangote, I want to be like Mark the CEO of Facebook etc”.  But the truth remains that everybody born of a woman wants to be great and well respected in one area of life such as business, politics, sports, etc.

But the questions remain, that how many of this people who had beautiful dreams were able to achieve all that they have dreamt or had plans for? And at the end you will see that it is only zero to 6% have been able to say yes, my dreams came true.

The reasons why people don’t make it in life are plenty, some are been caused by the government while some are personal or self-caused.

Majority of the causes why people don’t make it in life are mainly as a result of personal decisions and I know somebody will ask me “how will somebody just take or make a decision not to be successful?”

In other not to waste your time, I will be discussing below 6 reasons why people don’t make it in life


Time is very important in life; it is one valuable thing that can never wait for anybody regardless of your colour, height, position etc. Time is so valuable that when used properly you will remain a god on top of your game.

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Now because time is a valuable asset that waits for no man, it becomes very important for one to learn how to manage his or her time very well. Plan your activities and give yourself target on how to go about your goals and achieving it.

Why time is a factor why people don’t make it in life is because people are not time conscious in executing their projects, they tend to do the wrong thing at the right time and as a result ending up not achieving anything and that is why courses like Project Management are been taught to help people and organisations learn how to manage projects.


So many potential billionaires have failed to achieve that billionaires’ status because their ability to make plans and take decisions are zero. This set of people always wants somebody else to make plans for them and help them take decisions.

Such people can never grow any organisation or business ventures because they are still babies in the making.

So in other to overcome this challenge and if you really want to be successfully, always learn to make plans for yourself and take decisions.

One good thing about decision taking is that if you make wrong decisions, it will help you grow and if you make right decisions it will also help you grow too.



If you want to be successful in life, then you need to take responsibilities of every of your actions. Stop giving excuses, take blames for all you do, and in doing so, you will learn to be a better and great leader. You will be able to take corrections and work to improve yourself.

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Why so many people are unproductive or are never successful is because they don’t take actions. People who take action become leaders and are great today. Stop dreaming and start taking actions to achieve that dreams of yours and you will see how great you will become.

I feel sad whenever I am with elderly people and things like,” if I had known I would have done this business or would have join this or that”  when I had the chance,

That voice above is a voice of somebody who has failed, never you be the type that don’t take actions, stop procrastinating and begin no matter how small or big and you will see how you will grow within a twinkle of an eye



Personal limitations is another reason why people don’t become successful in life. And by personal limitations, I mean when ones’ personal thoughts or believes stops him or her from doing things or breaking out of his shell.

Examples of this personal limitation include when somebody says because i don’t have this skills, therefore I can’t do that, or somebody says this curse is a generational curse and therefore I can’t become this or that or I can’t marry this person or etc

This personal limitation has hindered so many people from taking risks and as such refused to grow.



Peer group are very influential in peoples personal growth, peer groups or even the relationship you find yourself can either make you or destroy you and that is why you need to surround yourself with the right peers or been in the right intimate relationships.

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If your peer group is not contributing any meaningful things to your life, cut them of or if your relationship is not helping you to grow cut it off.

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