10 Things You Need To Do Before Going For A Job Interview

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The 10 Things You Need To Do Before Going For A Job Interview is an important exercise if you really want to do well and come out successfully and that is why we have decided to help you out with these great list to get started.

So today,  we are going to look at  the 10 Things You Need To Do Before Going For A Job Interview in any Organisation that has invited you and believe me,  if you go through all of them,  you will become a success in anywhere you go and below are the lists.

  1.Evaluate Yourself: 

After been invited by a company for a job interview,  the first thing you will need to do is to evaluate yourself. Evaluating yourself will help you understand your weak points and your strong points.  It will help you to know who you’re,  your abilities and your inabilities.  For every job interview,  the most common questions that do come first is “may we know you ”  or ” tell us about yourself”. So if you have done proper evaluation of yourself,  you will be able to understand how to answer this kind of questions.

 2.Understand The Job Role You Are Been Interviewed For: 

One thing is to be called and another thing is to understand why you’re called.

So the second thing you will do is to understand the job role you’re been interviewed for.  for example,  assuming you’re going for a sales or marketing job,  you have to understand what sales or marketing is all about.  How to sell or market a product or brand and the particular market or the target audience ie. the people who you’re going to sell this market to.  so if you’re able to find an answer to this question,  then you’re 80% ready for the job interview.  Also while making preparations for this aspect,  try and ask questions online and ask people who you know that are doing similar jobs,  what is their challenges and how they over come them.


3. Know About The Company and Their Lines of Businesses :

The third thing you need to know is about the company which you’re having the interview with.  If it is a popular company or brands,  how long they have been into existence and the lines of businesses or products they are into.

understand all this and any other necessary information, because one of the main questions you will be asked is ” what do you know about the company “. Your answers will go a long way to tell them that yes this person has a passion for this company.  But if you can’t tell them anything reasonable about the company,  they will be like this person just came to try his luck,  we don’t think he is a good fit for us.  So make sure you do necessary findings and research about the company before you leave your home for the interview.

4. Know Their Competitors :

In this current age and century,  there is no company that doesn’t have a competitor,  it is the presence of competitions that makes companies grow and hire people to achieve it’s goals.

so therefore, have it in mind, that any company that have invited you for an interview has a competitor and it is very important you make research about their competitors,  their strengths and weakness in the market.  it will also help you if you’re going for a sale or marketing related job.  it will help you to know how to convince your employer while you’re the best fit for the job.

  5. Sleep Well and Eat a Healthy Food: 

Good sleep and healthy food helps the brain relaxed and the body in good shape. It will help your body system to be at rest and have the ability to think well.


  6. Wash Your Clothes,  Iron Them and Dress Smart:

Make sure that your clothes are neat and well ironed. Dress smart by wearing a corporate wear like suits or in the absence of a suit,  dress smartly.  Also make sure your face is looking bright and greet everyone you meet at the office with a bright face.

7.Make Research On Likely Questions 

Make Research Online on likely questions that will be asked for that particular job role and practice your answers

8. Avoid Smoking or Drinking Alcohol 

Never take alcohol or smoke before your interview but if you’re the type that can not do without this,  then you will need to look for the alcohol or cigarettes that when you take them,  the smell will not be perceived by somebody very close to you or your closed neighbor not to talk of somebody far from you.

The importance of this is for your recruiter not to have a bad impression about you.

9. Stay calm and confident :

Make sure you’re bold and confident of yourself. Answer every question with boldness and make sure you don’t shake or loose confident of yourself.

10. Restructure Your Resume and Print Out :

Like as I said earlier on,  every job has its job function. So before you go for any job interview,  make sure you go through your cv or resume to make sure that your experience and or skills meets to at least 50% of the job requirements.

Make necessary adjustments and put in necessary details to avoid unnecessary disqualification or unnecessary questions.

So the above 10 Things You Need To Do Before Going For A Job Interview is very important and I want you to always take precautions and as you prepare to move to the next stage in life,  The Billionaires diary wishes you a great success.

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