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Faster than a speeding bullet! That’s how quickly readers caught on to us when we broke her story last
year on our site (before our website redesign). She held the spot as our #1 Most Popular article for quite
some time in 2018. Who is she? She’s the 23-year-old businesswoman who you may know as “Supergirl,”
“Josh Paramore the Great” or by her real name, Calynn M. Lawrence.

As described in our first article, she’s the cosmic fusion between the Billionaire’s Diary and Princess
Diaries and she’s shaking up the game right now in the fashion/entertainment Public Relations industry!
She’s crazy cool with fairy tale faith and has
amassed a pretty impressive business portfolio. She is the Founder of a nonprofit movement that she
started as a Senior in high school,The Fresh Faces Project . It gives free and discounted marketing, PR
and networking services to small businesses and aspiring talents. She is also the Creator and Executive
Producer of a growingly popular online series, Chicago Talent. Now, she’s on an active campaign called
the “Living My Best Life Tour” where she’s taking control of all her roadblocks and shattering barriers that
stand in the way of her fulfillment. Returning for her second interview with us, she’s gonna cover a lot of
topics that you’ll want to hear about.

Q.  What has changed since you last spoke to us?

A lot. I’ll start with the important things. First, my reality web series, Chicago Talent, has successfully
finished its first two seasons. They reached over 80,000 viewers and got rave reviews online from so
many different media outlets online, in publications, on the radio and TV. I am stoked to be able to say
that something that began as a mere idea, a concept, for myself and my team became so successful! It
was an honor to work with every single cast member and the crew members who worked with my very
limited budget (seeing as how I self-fund my businesses) are all SUPER amazing. You should definitely
check out the cast’s bios on the site to learn more about them, and search the crew on social media!
Their names are in the beginning credits of every episode.
Second, I’ve been so blessed to have been nominated for more awards, two of which are Chicago Oscars
for “Best Public Relations” for the third year in a row and “Best Reality Web Series” for Chicago Talent

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Third, I would just say that I’m in a much better place mentally than I was a year ago. I was emotionally,
soulfully and physically sick from facing so much turmoil in my personal life and it had gotten very much
out of control. Thankfully, now, I am at a point in life where I may not be completely happy but I am more
than content and I am taking steps towards a better me.

Q. What would you say are your biggest struggles?

My number one struggle is the constant battle I’m at with myself. I’m always fighting that girl in the mirror
on everything and sometimes it’d to my detriment. The need inside my spirit to always outdo what I’ve
already done, and be the best at whatever I actively pursue eats at me to no end. It’s more than
insecurity, it’s a void that I’m seeking to fill. That insatiable hunger for accomplishment kills your ability to
be satisfied with anything you accomplish. It definitely makes you competitive, but your number one
opponent ends up being your reflection.

My second hardest struggle is love. My heart is so big, and I have such compassion for people that I often
fall in love quickly. And, like with everything else, I go hard. I give my all and I do my best and I dedicate
myself to that person. The problem is that many men (and women) don’t see the value in a person like me
who’s willing to be their everything and all they ask is to be genuinely appreciated. Not gonna lie, it hurts.
I’ve had my heart broken several times, and I’ve cried more tears than you could count in a lifetime.
Nevertheless, in some kind of way, I still have faith that things will change one day.

Q. What helps you to combat those things and still gain so many victories over them?

For my insecurities, I had to learn to stop ranking my self worth on how much I had accomplished. While
it’s still very hard sometimes, I had to rewire my brain to stop tallying my wins and losses on the walls of
my mind, and to start recognizing that my efforts and my continued stride is all that matters. As long as
I’m trying to be a better me, a better person, and I’m trying to help others do the same, nothing else

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For love, I had to rebuild myself emotionally brick by brick. I had to get to the point in my life where I
wasn’t settling for any man’s crap anymore. Now, I call it before it even gets to the point where I’ve given
an unworthy man so many chances and so much forgiveness, that I end up so stressed and depressed
that my spirit dies. I don’t know how many times I can resurrect it. So, now I just leave and I cut the man
off no matter how much he means to me if I see that he doesn’t care about me the same, no more
excuses. I no longer have the fear of cutting people off just because I’ve grown attached to them because
I have to protect and respect myself first. Yet, somehow throughout all of this, I’m confident that this
Harley will find her Joker one day. I’ll keep my eyes open until he comes around. No matter how many
times I’ve been defeated, I can never let the fear of striking out keep me from playing the game.


Who has inspired you or motivated you recently?

I find inspiration and motivation from ,of course, my loved ones and my family. I’m grateful for my parents,
siblings, friends and anybody else who has contributed to my life. They definitely deserve a resounding
ovation for the support they’ve offered me. Aside from them, I’ve found inspiration and motivation in so
many budding entrepreneurs and artists on my social media! I follow some pretty wicked talent and they
all are doing so well.

The most recent, however, would probably be three people. The first is a woman named Mrs. Patricia
Gallarneau who is the mother of an awesome teen who I collaborate with often named Aly G. Mrs.
Gallarneau always encourages me to keep going and kill it regardless of whatever the haters say. She
has been a strong supporter for over 2 years, but especially recently. Her family has contributed to my
businesses not only by their participation but have even contributed financially by purchasing services.
Second is one of my many talented photographer friends named Melvyn, who not only inspires me by his

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triumphant example of overcoming depression and downfall, but who has spoken many kind and uplifting
words to me on my darker days.
Lastly, I would say is an insanely talented artist named Matthew. While we’ve been following each other
for a few months, I very recently met him in person. He has an infectious relatability juxtaposed with a
stark uniqueness. Honestly one of the most captivating people I’ve ever met, at least he is to me.

Q. He must be quite impressive for a young woman of your background to feel so strongly about
him. What makes you feel this way?

Well, I can’t yet say that he’s necessarily the most profound artist I’ve ever come across. I don’t know him
all that well at the moment. But, I can say that he’s gifted both with a mic and with a paintbrush, and that
he chases his dream and is building his career while being a great father to his two beautiful daughters.
How do I feel about him now? Riveting. How I’ll feel about him in the future? Time will tell. That part of the
story hasn’t been written yet.

Q.If you had one wish for yourself and one wish for humanity, what would they be and why?

For myself, to be truly happy. For humanity, to live a life where they feel fulfilled in everything they do from
chasing dreams, having a family or just finding what gives them joy.

Q. We asked you last year “Do you think you’ll change the world?” And, you said
“I won’t say I’ll change the world. That may be beyond my capabilities. But, You will say that You’ll make a difference.” Have your feelings changed?

Honestly, they haven’t. I don’t know if I’m capable of making an impact that grand to say I “changed the
world.” I’m not even sure where this broken road called life will lead me, but I hope I can touch quite a few
hearts along the way.

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